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Sage 50 Peachtree® 卓越會計軟件是 一 套 非 常 有 名 的 會 計 軟 體 , 全 新 Sage 50 Peachtree Premium Accounting 2023 會 計 系 統 , 擁 有 all-in-one 功 能 , 帶 有 強 勁 產 品 及 報 表 功 能 。您 只 要 用 最 少 時 間 就 能 更 改 所 有 的 報 表 。 如 您 想 在 發 票 加 上 中 文 、 公 司 標 誌 圖 案 、 或 更 多 的 設 計 Sage 50 Peachtree 產 品 只 用 你 小 小 的 時 間 即 能 自 己 更 改 格 式 。

Sage 50 Peachtree by Sage Premium Accounting is a comprehensive solution that provides premium features like multi-company consolidations, advanced budgeting, serialized inventory, and Crystal Reports® 20081. It provides a multi-user option for improved productivity with screen-level access control, plus analysis tools, and 140+ customizable reports and financial statements.

Get Your Numbers Right with Sage 50 Peachtree
Sage 50 Peachtree is based on real, double-entry accounting principles with screen-level security, audit trails, and automatic accounting checks. You get the accuracy and control you need to improve results—and truly understand how your business is performing.

Accurate and Efficient Accounting

Invoice customers—by mail or e-mail3
Automate purchase orders
Pay bills electronically4—or print paper checks
Track incoming receipts
Manage inventory

Control Your Business Data

Exclusive Premium Feature: Archive and restore company data
Manage data access with screen-level security
Run up to 15 checks on your data with the Internal Accounting Review5
See all related transactions using Transaction History

Manage for Better Results

Set E-mail Alerts to let you know what requires attention
140+ customizable reports

Data Security

Control user access at screen and module levels
Enhanced security for prior period data
Audit Trails track user IDs to deter fraud

Accurate Accounting Results

Sage 50 Peachtree Business Analytics

See how your company is performing compared to the competition
Compare key, up-to-date financial trends, such as Total Revenue, Gross Margin %, Days Sales Outstanding, and more

Financial Analysis Tools

View key business metrics at the Business Status Center
Review financial ratios like product profit margins and days A/R outstanding
Create comparative budgets
Customizable Reports

Accounts Receivable
Aged Receivables
Customer Sales History
Items Sold to Customer
Accounts Payable
Aged Payables
Purchases by Vendor
Check Register
General Ledger
Chart of Accounts
General Journal
Trial Balance
Financial Statements
Balance Sheet
G/L Account Summary
Income Statement
Inventory Stock Status
Item Sales History
Inventory Profitability
Time and Billing
Job Costing

:: 建議系統要求  

::: 不 少 於 8GB 記 憶 體 , 建 議 8GB 或 以 上

::: 至 少 8 GB 硬碟空間

::: 視 窗 Windows® 11 & Windows® 10


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