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Sage 50 Peachtree® 專 業 會計軟件是 一 套 非 常 有 名 的 會 計 軟 體 , 全 新 Sage 50 Peachtree 專 業 會計軟件 2023 會 計 系 統 , 擁 有 all-in-one 功 能 , 能 快 捷 有 效 地 管 理 貴 公 司 的 財 政 業 務 , 包 含 健 全 的 、 更 好 管 理 你 的 事 業 與 帳 款 、 固 定 的 資 產, 薪 酬 管 理 等 等,絕 對 是 會 計 系 統 不 二 之 選 。 經 過 不 同 年 代 的 電 腦 發 展 階 段 、 不 同 行 業 用 戶 的 使 用 , 去 蕪存 菁 , 方 能 完 備 至 今 天 世 界 上 頂 級 的 會 計 系 統 。

Sage 50 Peachtree Pro Accounting helps improve your productivity with standard accounting features that can automate invoices, checks, and track employee payroll1. You can record customer payments, create budgets, and track sales, inventory, and expenses. It provides 100+ reports and financial statements. All first-time Sage 50 Peachtree customers receive 30 days of free support2. Upgrading customers receive one free support call within 30 days of registration.

Get Your Numbers Right with Sage 50 Peachtree
Sage 50 Peachtree is based on real, double-entry accounting principles with module-level security and automatic accounting checks. You get the accuracy and control you need to improve results—and truly understand how your business is performing.

Accurate and Efficient Accounting

Invoice customers/Pay bills/Track receipts
Run up to 15 checks on your data with the Internal Accounting Review3
E-mail Alerts to let you know what requires attention

Smart Start-up, Right Product
New customers receive 30 days of FREE support; current customers receive one FREE support call. Use phone support to build on your success with tips for improved performance and answers to your questions.

Keys to Start-up Success

Online Tutorials
Easy-to-Use Setup Guide
In-Product Advisor—Product Tips
Sage 50 Peachtree Demos
Knowledgebase of FAQs
Sage 50 Peachtree Community
Easy Setup with More than 75 Sample Business Types, such as Professional Services, General Contractors, Retail, Legal, and Education.

Accurate Accounting Essentials
Get where you're going fast with user-friendly interface and simple navigation.

Manage Cash Flow

Analyze and forecast your expected payments and receipts. Confirm that you have enough cash to meet current and upcoming obligations. Export forecasts to Microsoft Excel.

Payroll Your Way

Whether you prefer the control of running payroll yourself, the convenience of having Sage process it for you, or a blended solution, there’s an integrated solution that allows you to:

Easily pay employees
Prepare and file tax forms
Print or direct deposit paychecks





:: 建議系統要求  

::: 不 少 於 8GB 記 憶 體 , 建 議 8GB 或 以 上

::: 至 少 8 GB 硬碟空間

::: 視 窗 Windows® 11 & Windows® 10

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